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Boyish Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (Boyish) is a professional cleaning equipment manufacturer. The headquarters research and development center is located in Shenzhen, and the production factory is located in the convenient coastal city of Dongguan. It is a high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights, integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. Boyish has long been focused on the development and expansion of cleaning equipment. The company members have a good industry background and professionalism. Through long-term accumulation, they have mastered relatively complete cleaning process and operation experience. It is one of the professional cleaning equipment R&D and operation teams in China.

Boyish will be committed to making every piece of equipment and providing customers with quality products. Has developed: full pneumatic stencil cleaning machine, automatic water-based stencil cleaning machine, automatic PCBA online cleaning machine, automatic PCBA offline cleaning machine, automatic brush cleaning machine, automatic fixture cleaning machine, Automatic nozzle cleaning machine, automatic camera head module cleaning machine, automatic wafer cleaning machine and other series of cleaning equipment. Involved areas: SMT, PCB, CCM, semiconductor, printing optical glass, precision hardware, flexible PCB, module PCB, motherboard PCB, and other products cleaning, Boyish has the corresponding equipment and Singapore TENIC cleaning agent matching program.

Adhering to the concept of improving the cleaning process and improving the cleaning value for customers, Boyish further increased the research and development and investment of the spray-type equipment. The fully-automated PCBA cleaning machine developed by the company can effectively clean the residual rosin flux on the surface of PCBA after welding. Organic and inorganic contaminants such as water-soluble fluxes. It solves the problem that PCBA boards plagued by aviation, aerospace, medical, automotive electronics and high-end electronic products are difficult to clean. It is also the direction of Boyish's subsequent development to solve the cleaning problem that cannot be solved by the traditional ultrasonic cleaning process.

High-quality products are the foundation of Boyish, and outstanding talents are the lifeblood of Boyish development. The company will be people-oriented, face the difficulties, integrity and pragmatic, fair and heavy customer culture and philosophy, relying on rich process knowledge, excellent management team and excellent product quality, design durable and effective solutions for customers, and progress together with customers ,development of.