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Foundry cleaning service

 Foundry cleaning service

Laboratory capacity: 30-50K / month (300*250mm for example)

BOYISH has many years of experience in equipment manufacturing and foundry cleaning, and has extensive experience in SMT and semiconductor industry. It is the ideal choice for your OEM cleaning.

For batch PCBA orders and cleaning requirements, BOYISH can help you solve your cleaning problems without having to put in equipment.


1. Online/offline sprinkler system, ultrasonic bottom gap cleaning and other professional cleaning equipments, can provide you with the cleaning process you want;

2. Invest in high-power electron microscope, ion contamination tester and other testing equipment to meet your needs for high-quality cleaning;

3. Clean in a clean environment to ensure that your product is not affected by other contaminants.

BOYISH cleaning range:

1. PCBA after welding flux removal

2. Reflow oven support (condenser, titanium claw filter, etc.)

3. Furnace fixture maintenance cleaning

4. High cleanliness cleaning of semiconductor wafers

Professional OEM cleaning team, your best choice.