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Water-based environmental clea

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UV curing glue cleaning solution T1012A

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  • Release date:2019-08-08
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Part I Chemical products and company identification

chemical product
Product Name: TENICK T1012A
Recommended use: Used to remove UV curable adhesives and residues and contaminants.
Company logo
Supplier (Company Name / Address / Phone)
Company website
supplier address:50 Raffles Place,#34-04 Singapore Land Tower Singapore 048623      
Supplier phone:(65)65326932 

Part II Hazard Overview

Classification: This product is not dangerous.
Hazard label
Health hazards: Excessive contact can cause eye, skin or respiratory irritation.
Environmental hazards: No obvious hazards.
Explosion hazard: Non-flammable liquid, no explosion hazard.
Part III Product Introduction
Explosion hazard: Non-flammable liquid, no explosion hazard.
TENICK T1012A is suitable for the thorough cleaning of UV-curable adhesives on precision fixtures.
It is a suitable cleaning solution for soaking, ultrasonic and spray cleaning. It is low in vulcanization and non-flammable. Water-based cleaning agent for the removal of glue on the fixture.
Part IV Product Performance
Technical indicators
Colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid
Boiling point (°C) ≥100℃
Relative specific gravity (20 ° C) 1.05±0.05
Water soluble
Dissolved in water
PH (10% DI water dilution)
Part 5 Product Features
1. Low foaming water-based environment-friendly type, non-flammable and explosive, with mild odor.
2. Strong cleaning ability, strong removal of various steel mesh solder paste and organic matter.
3. Contains corrosion inhibition factor to prevent corrosion of the device.
4. It is easy to rinse without residue, and the device is bright as new after cleaning.
5. Long cleaning life, multiple use, safe and effective.
Part VI Usage and precautions
1. Stock solution: water (deionized water) = 1:3 diluted and used.
2. The cleaning temperature range is 50 ± 5 °C. Cleaning time is 3 to 5 minutes.
3. Can not be mixed with any other cleaning solution.
4. Please refer to the MSDS data of this product for safe use instructions.
Part VII Storage matters
1. Warranty period: 1 year (sealed)
2, stored in a good place at room temperature, cool, dry, ventilated, avoid high temperature direct, the temperature is between 30% - 90%;