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PBT-1200 full pneumatic screen cleaner

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  • Release date:2019-07-30
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The main features of "PBT-1200 Screen Cleaner":

→All stainless steel body: beautiful, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, acidic, alkaline and other cleaning fluids. Meet environmental requirements and standards;

→ Full pneumatic operation, no electricity, no fire hazards and other safety hazards, has passed the EU safety certification;

→ Dedicated to cleaning printing ink, glue, paddles, etc.;

→Cleaning + rinsing process to ensure cleanliness, liquid pressure can be displayed through the panel pressure gauge;

→The cleaning surface is large, suitable for 47"*47" stencil placement;

→The cleaning pressure can be adjusted independently, suitable for any material stencil;

→Unique S-type exhaust device design, lower liquid consumption;

→The equipment adopts precision six-stage 100um--10um filtration system and solvent recycling;

→Humanized design: one-button operation and automatic draining function, the operation is very simple;

→ System integration of global quality devices: ensuring high quality, stable performance and long service life;

→ Configure an exclusive professional air gun to increase the user-friendly design and manual drying; (equipment highlights)

→ Configure two 80L solution cleaning tanks, and filter ink can be used to lift the filter in the solution cleaning tank for easy maintenance; (equipment highlights)

Application fields and effects of “PBT-1200 Screen Cleaner”:

● Suitable for cleaning various types of stencils such as wire mesh, plastic mesh, microporous mesh and wafer tray [as shown below]






1. In the printing process, the ink, silver paste, glue... will remain adhered to the hole wall of the stencil;

2. After the printing work is finished, manual cleaning is not enough to remove the residue in the mesh, and the knot will be solidified in the air to deform the mesh;

3. The use of poorly cleaned stencils will affect the release effect and reduce the printing quality.

The scope and field of PBT-1200 screen printing applications:

Some people have made such comments on screen printing. "If you want to find the ideal printing method on the earth and achieve the printing purpose, it is probably the screen printing method." Screen printing applications and screen printing applications are mainly in the following several aspects:

 1. PCB board production: printing of ink, text and pattern;

 2, paper printing: art printing - advertising, art, calendar, lantern paper, etc.; trademark printing, transfer printing, packaging and printing, building materials printing, paste wallpaper;

 3, plastic printing: plastic film - vinyl toys, school bags, plastic bags; material standard - fake metal composite materials and various standard; production parts - instruments;

 4, wood products printing: crafts - lacquerware, wooden crafts, toys;

 5, metal products printing: metal cylinders, metal utensils, metal products;

 6, glass, ceramic products printing: glass - mirrors, glass plates, cups, bottles; ceramics - utensils, crafts;

 7. Signage: text description board, dial, shaped articles;

 8. Circuit board printing: printed circuit board, civil or industrial substrate, thick film integrated circuit board;

 9. Printing and dyeing: printing and dyeing - flags, cloth, towels, handkerchiefs, shirts, vests, knitwear;

10, leather products printing, other printing - pockets, shoes, bibs and a variety of bags, backpacks, bags, school bags.

User-friendly design, one-button operation, easy to complete the entire process of cleaning, rinsing and drying, and automatically count.

PBT-1200 screen cleaning machine cleaning flow chart:

PBT-1200 full pneumatic screen cleaning machine main parameters:

Name Technical Parameters
Dimensions 1600mm(L) ×1350mm(W) × 2200mm(H)
Cleaning method 360° rotary cleaning fluid injection and high pressure air injection (cleaning→drying)
Applicable screen size Maximum 1200mm (L) × 1200mm (W) × 40mm (H) Special size to be customized
Tank capacity 80 liters*2PCS
Liquid added to optimal use

65 liters*2PCS

Filtering method (loop filtering)

Cleaning zone filtration system eight-stage precision filtration: rinsing zone filtration system seven-stage precision filtration:

Primary filter: 1mm (filter particles, adhesive tape, etc.) Primary filter: 1mm (filter particles, adhesive tape, etc.)

Second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade filters: 200 mesh (ink deep) Second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth filter: 200 mesh (ink deep)

Seven-stage filter: 10μm (filter: ink, silver paste) Seven-stage filter: 20μm (filter bag: ink, silver paste)

Eight-stage filter: 10μm (filter: ink, glue, silver paste)

Exhaust port size Φ75(D)×30mm(H) 
Weight About 400Kg
Compressed air requirements Pressure: 4.5Kg / cm2 - 7Kg / cm2 Air consumption: 800-1000L / Min