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SMT industry spray cleaning eq

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PBT-700 ultrasonic / bubbling cleaning machine

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  • Release date:2019-07-25
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1. Ensure thorough cleaning effect and protect your products from contamination in the furnace;

2. The equipment is more environmentally friendly, energy efficient, more efficient, more stable, and the furnace temperature curve is more perfect;

3. Realize automatic cleaning of the machine and improve the cleaning operation environment;

4, the consistency of machine cleaning, to ensure that the quality of cleaning can be controlled;

5, a machine operation, easy to complete the cleaning / rinsing process;

6, cleaning fluid closed-loop filtration system, lower operating costs;

7, the overall stainless steel body is sturdy and durable, resistant to acid, alkaline and other cleaning fluids.

Applicable areas:

Equipment maintenance and cleaning: Fixtures, condensers and strainers are also suitable for the cleaning of similar products and appliances such as military and medical precision electronic hardware.

Technical Parameters:
Dimensions 1850(L) ×1160(W) × 1060(H)mm
Cleaning method Ultrasonic + bubbling + overflow
Cleaning/rinsing size 705(L)mm ×675 (W)mm × 300 (H)mm
Cleaning tank capacity 230L
Recommended cleaning object Reflow condenser, filter, chain, titanium claw, furnace fixture, scraper
Cleaning solution filtration method (closed loop filtration)

Cleaning cycle filtration: using secondary filtration

Class 1 filter: 1mm (filtering rosin flux and other impurities)

Grade 2 filter: 5μm (filtering rosin flux and other impurities)

Rinsing filtration method: using secondary filtration

Class 1 filter: 1mm (filtering rosin flux and other impurities)

Class 2 filter: 5μm (filtering impurities such as rosin flux)

power 加热9 KW*2;超声5.4KW,总功率约为24KW
weight 400Kg
Gas source requirement 0.45Mpa~0.7Mpa Air consumption: 200-400L/Min