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PBT-750 full pneumatic steel mesh cleaning machine

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  • Release date:2019-07-25
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Name: All pneumatic steel mesh cleaning machine
Model: PBT-750

Application fields of PBT-750 steel mesh cleaning machine:
● Suitable for cleaning all kinds of stencils such as steel mesh, copper mesh, microporous mesh and wafer disc; it is also suitable for cleaning of similar products and appliances such as circuit boards, fixtures and scrapers.

The main features of PBT-750 steel mesh cleaning machine:

1. All stainless steel body, beautiful, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, in line with environmental requirements and standards;

2, full pneumatic operation, no electricity, no fire and other safety hazards, has passed the EU safety certification;

3, high-density isobaric double-side rotary cleaning nozzle: strong cleaning force and will not damage the tension of the steel mesh;

4, three-level five-layer filtration system, low exhaust duct design: solvent recycling, low liquid consumption;

5, humanized design: one-button operation and automatic draining function, the operation is very simple.

6, the system integrates global quality devices: to ensure high quality, stable performance and long service life.

7, replaceable modular controller and quick-input design, maintenance is also very simple and convenient.

PBT-750 steel mesh cleaning machine main technical parameters:

Applicable steel mesh size 750(L) × 750(W) × 40mm(H)  [Oversized size needs to be ordered]
Maximum tank volume 42 liters (Man)
Optimal liquid usage 22~35 liters
Cleaning method 360° rotary liquid spray cleaning and compressed air drying
Cleaning time 3 ~5 Minute (solder paste)
Drying time 3 ~5分钟
External air source 0.45 ~ 0.7 (Mpa)
Air consumption (350 ~ 500) L/Minutes
Exhaust port size Φ100×30mm(H)    Maximum gravitational wind speed 3m/see
filtering system Primary filter tank filtration: 10μm (filter impurities and labels)
Three-stage filter: 0.5μm (filter ball and rosin particles)
Machine net weight ~230Kg
Machine size 950(L) × 800(W) × 1680mm(H)