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SMT industry spray cleaning eq

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PBT-40 nozzle spray cleaning machine

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  • Release date:2019-07-30
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Cleaning process and detailed paragraphs:

By crushing the water, a very fine mist is generated, and a strong kinetic energy is formed at the speed of sound (V=360 m/s) to spray on the nozzle, forming a continuous energy field above the nozzle to be cleaned, smashing the surface and the inside. dirt. Independent cleaning, non-destructive nozzles.

Use this device for daily nozzle maintenance cleaning, which can achieve thorough cleaning effect under safe conditions. Reduce the scrapping cost of the nozzle caused by the traditional cleaning method, prolong the life of the nozzle, and play a vital role in the maintenance of the placement machine to ensure that the placement machine is running better.

Cleaning detection method:

Cleanliness level standard:

According to IPC-J-STD-001 standard flux residue level III standard <40ug/cm2, ionic pollutant content level III standard ≤1.5(Nacl) ug/cm2, extraction resistivity>2×106Ω.cm

PBT-40 device parameters Features:

1. Fully automatic cleaning mode: automatic cleaning and drying process;

2, the whole process visualization: the cleaning room is equipped with a visualization window, the cleaning process at a glance

3, the most scientific nozzle design (patent): nozzle height adjustable, improve cleaning efficiency, nozzle removable

4. Visual nozzle pressure can be adjusted: Solve the collision and splash problems of small nozzles under high pressure spray conditions during cleaning;

5, use deionized or pure water to clean, no need to buy liquid; click here

6, the fuselage village quality: the overall 304 stainless steel body, acid, alkaline and other cleaning fluid;

7. The presence of a solid barrier has an emergency stop button protection function;

8. Lower operating costs: lower equipment investment costs, localized services, teams and ample spare parts supply.

Device parameters
PBT-40 From the equipment parameters, it is an environmentally friendly cleaning equipment with rapid cleaning, high cleaning integration and batch cleaning.
Equipment appearance size:
520mm(L) ×550mm(W) × 460mm(H)
Process flow:
Manual feeding → Set cleaning parameters → Run three-color light (green light indicates that the operating conditions are met) → Clean pressurizing operation cleaning → Automatically discharge sewage after cleaning → Municipal air drying → Manual reclaiming
Capacity calculation:
The output is: cleaning for about 10 minutes; cleaning for 40 each time, production per hour: about 240PCS/H. This output is for reference only, subject to actual conditions.
Power requirement
AC220/50H; total power 0.2Kw
Application field

PBT-40 is used in:

The automatic nozzle cleaning machine is an integrated and comprehensive cleaning machine with energy saving, environmental protection and batch cleaning. It can fully perform cleaning and drying functions online; a. It is mainly used for cleaning the nozzle of the SMT shop.

Operation steps: Manual feeding → Set cleaning parameters → Run three-color light (green light indicates that the operating conditions are met) → Clean pressurizing operation cleaning → Discharge sewage after cleaning → Municipal air drying → Manual reclaiming
Cleaning comparison
PBT-40 online PCBA cleaning machine greatly improves the whole cleaning process, high cleaning efficiency, higher quality, safer and more environmentally friendly.

Equipment advantage