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PBT-350MS automatic touch type PCBA single side cleaning machine

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  • Release date:2019-07-30
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Technical specifications and parameter description:

First, PBT-350MS automatic touch type PCBA single side cleaning machine overview

The equipment adopts the online transmission technology, adopts the brushing method, and the flux residue on the soldering surface of the PCBA is matched with the solvent cleaning agent to carry out multi-pass cleaning process. The cleaning degree is high and the equipment safety is good, which can perfectly replace the labor and greatly improve Cleaning efficiency.


This equipment is specially designed for flux removal after wave soldering to replace manual scrubbing, improve cleaning capacity and cleanliness, and reduce cleaning costs.

The device combines PCBA on-line transmission technology with efficient scrubbing technology perfectly.

Revolutionary changes have been made to the traditional manual cleaning methods of solvents. Fully automatic cleaning mode avoids close contact with chemical liquids by operators.

After multi-pass scrubbing process, the flux residue on the PCBA after welding can be removed efficiently without wetting the front components.

Unique combination of rolling brush disc and brush can be cleaned in many directions, eliminating the dead angle of cleaning completely and ensuring the cleanliness of cleaning. Even the stubborn remnants of hand solder joints can be removed completely at one time.

The maximum cleaning size of the equipment is 350 (W).

The equipment adopts the humanized design, and the roller brush brush is easy to disassemble and assemble, so it can be quickly cleaned up and replaced.

The track width can be steplessly adjusted to adapt to PCBA with different widths.

Transportation speed and brushing frequency can be adjusted steplessly to control the cleaning process easily.

Visual observation window, the process flow is clear at a glance;

It can be connected to wave soldering to realize automatic on-line cleaning.

Second, PBT-350MS automatic touch type PCBA single-sided cleaning machine technical specifications

1. Product Name: PBT-350MS Automatic Touch Brush Type PCBA Single Side Washer

2. Product model: PBT-350MS

3. Design details

4. Equipment process flow:

Automatic feeding Primary brush cleaning Disc brushing Secondary brush cleaning Disc brushing Blanking

5. Main function systems and parameters of products:

5.1 Overview of equipment:

The equipment is mainly composed of track transmission system, brush cleaning system, circulating filtration system and electrical control system. The equipment is a cleaning machine specially designed for the removal of flux after wave soldering, which adopts on-line automatic scrubbing mode.

The track width can be adjusted, and can pass through PCB board width: 50-350 mm. After joining wave soldering, it can realize full automatic on-line cleaning.

Transmission speed: 0.1-2m/min can achieve CVT;

Coca PCB thickness: 1-3 mm.

5.2 Body:

Size: 2200mm (L)x 880mm (W)x 980mm (H)

Operating surface height: 750mm

Material: White paint rack + SUS304 stainless steel, total equipment weight: about 200 kg body structure description: the whole machine is closed structure, sealing plate and upper cover using SUS304 stainless steel plate; cleaning tank using SUS304 stainless steel plate

Stainless steel plate; observation window and equipment are integral structure, anti-corrosion, durable and beautiful. The movable door is reserved in front of the body to facilitate equipment maintenance.

5.3 Scrubbing station:
Cleaning Medium: Low Flash Point Environment-friendly Solvent Cleaning Agent (Washing Plate Water for General Customers)
Brush material: special nylon filament (anti-static)
Number of tanks: 1
Reservoir volume: 10L
Description of brushing station: The equipment is divided into two brushing stations. Each brushing station is equipped with a rolling brush and a disc brush. The equipment drives the brush to wet the cleaning liquid through automatic liquid loading. The liquid brush drives the cleaning liquid to brush the PCBA floor surface through contact reciprocating movement, and then dissolves and brushes the surface dirt away. The dirt is filtered by the filter system with the cleaning liquid, and the cleaning liquid can be recycled.
5.4 level control device:
Because the volatilization of solvent and the repeated entry and exit of the washed workpiece will inevitably bring out the solvent, which will cause the natural loss of solvent in the cleaning tank, the liquid level controller is installed in the corresponding storage tank of each cleaning tank. When the liquid level drops to the low level alarm line, the liquid level controller sends out an alarm signal, prompting manual rehydration. The liquid storage tank and the body are designed separately, and the pipeline connection is used in the field installation.
5.5 Electrical Control System:
Operation mode: The operation mode of the equipment is manual operation mode, and has perfect protection function (high and low liquid level protection, motor overload alarm, etc.).
The electric control system is installed in the power supply cabinet. The centralized control mode is adopted. The power supply cabinet is isolated from the equipment. Besides the independent and convenient control, the safety is ensured.