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PBT-750S pneumatic double door steel mesh cleaning machine

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  • Release date:2019-07-30
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Name: Full pneumatic double channel steel mesh cleaning machine


Model: PBT-750S

Features: A control system is used to clean the 2PCS steel mesh while drying.

Application fields of “PBT-750S double channel steel mesh cleaning machine”:

● Suitable for cleaning various types of stencils such as steel mesh, copper mesh, microporous mesh and wafer disc [as shown in the following figure: 1, 2];

●It is also suitable for the cleaning of similar products and appliances such as circuit boards, fixtures, scrapers, etc. [Fig. 3].


Steel mesh

Copper mesh

PCB/PCBA class

The main features of "PBT-750S double channel steel mesh cleaning machine":

→All stainless steel body, beautiful, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, in line with environmental requirements and standards;

→ Full pneumatic operation, no electricity, no fire hazards and other safety hazards, has passed the EU safety certification;

→High-density isobaric double-side rotary cleaning nozzle: strong cleaning force and will not damage the tension of the steel mesh;

→ Three-level five-layer filtration system, low exhaust air outlet tube design: solvent recycling, low liquid consumption;

→Humanized design: One-button operation and automatic draining function, the operation is very simple.

→ System integration of global quality devices: ensuring high quality, stable performance and long service life.

→ Replaceable modular controller and quick-release design, maintenance is also very simple and convenient.

→ High-density isobaric double-side rotary cleaning nozzle, which has strong cleaning power and does not damage the tension of the steel mesh.

Overall optimized structural design

Product Features:

• The structure and volume of the whole machine are small, saving users space;

• Modular structural design makes it easy for users to maintain the machine;

• Provide a standard ground connection to effectively discharge static electricity;

• The whole machine is fully compliant with EU CE requirements for MD, LVD, and EMC directives.

Systematically integrate global quality control devices to ensure high quality, stable performance and long service life.


"PBT-750S double channel steel mesh cleaning machine" equipment structure diagram and cleaning process:

Applicable steel mesh size 750(L) × 750(W) × 40mm(H) [Oversized size needs to be ordered]
Single cleaning quantity 2PCS/time (double slot)
Maximum tank volume  65 liters (Man)
Optimal liquid usage  40 to 65 liters
Cleaning method  360°旋转式液体喷淋清洗及压缩空气干燥
Cleaning time  3 to 5 minutes (Solder paste)
Drying time  3 to 5 minutes
External source pressure  Air pressure when the machine is running: 0.6~ 0.8 (Mpa)
External source flow  3600L/Minutes
Exhaust port size Φ100×30mm(H) Maximum gravitational wind speed 3m/see
filtering system

Primary filter tank filtration: 10μm (filter impurities and labels)

Three-stage filter: 0.45μm (filter ball and rosin particles)

Machine net weight  ~330Kg
Machine size