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SMT industry spray cleaning eq

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PBT-800P high efficiency PCBA water-based environmental cleaning machine

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  • Release date:2019-07-30
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Device parameters

From the equipment parameters, PBT-800P is an environmentally friendly cleaning equipment with rapid cleaning, high cleaning integration and compact structure.

content parameter
Cleaning area size: 650mm (L) × 600mm (W) × 160mm (H) 3 layers
Equipment appearance size: 1300mm(L) ×1400mm(W) × 1950mm(H)
Power / gas source: Three-phase five-wire system, 380V/15Kw (rated power) / 0.45Mpa-0.7Mpa
Spray tank capacity: 20L
Spray tank dilution tank heater power: 9KW
Cleaning time: 0~99 minutes (adjustable)
Cleaning temperature (liquid): Normal temperature -75 ° C / (adjustable)
Rinsing time: 1 minute / time (1-59 times / adjustable)
Rinsing temperature (DI water): Normal temperature -55 ° C / (adjustable)
Drying time: 0~99 minutes/(adjustable)
Resistivity meter monitoring range: 0~18MΩ
Solvent tank heater power: 9KW

Application field

PBT-800P is applied

The automatic water washing machine is an integrated high-end cleaning machine with energy saving, environmental protection and batch cleaning. It can automatically complete cleaning, rinsing (open loop / closed loop) and drying function;

a. Mainly used for cleaning of multi-variety and small-volume PCBA boards for coated products such as military, aerospace, aerospace, medical, automotive new energy, automotive and high-end precision products. It can effectively clean the surface of PCBA after welding of SMT/THT. Organic and inorganic contaminants such as residual rosin flux, water-soluble flux, no-clean flux/solder paste;

b. Cleaning of the poorly printed PCB board solder paste, cleaning of the blade solder paste, and the like.

Cleaning steps / comparison

Cleaning value

PBT-800P off-line PCBA cleaning machine greatly improves the whole cleaning process, with higher quality, safer and more environmentally friendly.

Equipment advantage