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Cleaning medium and characteristics of steel mesh cleaning machine

Release date:2019-07-27 Click on:

The stencil cleaning machine is a mechanical equipment specially used for automatic cleaning of SMT steel mesh, which can efficiently complete the cleaning of the steel mesh.

One: What is the cleaning medium for SMT steel mesh cleaning machine?

Industrial alcohol, IPA and plate washing water can be used as agents for SMT steel mesh cleaning machine.

Two: What are the main features of SMT steel mesh cleaning machine?

A. This machine completely uses compressed air as energy source, does not use electricity, and there is no fire hazard, that is, safety first.

B. Humanized design, high degree of automation, one-key operation, easy cleaning and drying.

C. Double-side automatic rotating cleaning nozzles have strong cleaning ability and have no effect on the tension of the steel mesh.

D. Liquid is added and discharged automatically, making production extremely convenient. Stencil cleaning machine.

E. Two-stage circulating filter system can keep the cleaning effect consistent.

F. The control system of the whole machine adopts global famous brand components, which is durable and stable in performance. Dongguan automation equipment.

G. The airtight exhaust port and the leak-proof design of the whole machine make your cleaning work easier and safer, and make the cleaning fluid consumption extremely low.